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Called to Care Outreach

Helping Hands

Mental Health Counseling

Supportive Friend

Case Management

Happy Family

We believe in going to the people, wherever their home is to assist our families and build partnerships with them. Our outreach is dedicated to collaborating with the growing Haitian community through local leaders, teachers, and faith based partners to ensure were reaching the people we need.  


We provide mobile services in the comfort of your home. We specialized in notary, immigration, taxes for 10 years serving in the community. We will come to you any day, anywhere, and anytime.  Serving the Haitian community with the right tools so that they better understand the process with immigration, taxes, and notary in their own home or office.  

Services are available to assist individuals and families with developing and maintaining coping skills that facilitate the adjustment and integration within their living environment and community.  

We coordinate the provision of quality treatment and services for our families. We offer community resources for children and adults in order to empower our children and families to become self-sufficient. We advocate and link our families to community resources, coordination of services,  education, and follow up services.

Health is wealth

Healthy Breakfast

One of our biggest mission is to fulfill the unmet healthcare and social services needs of individuals and families in our growing Haitian communities in Palm Beach County. Eating right and exercising regularly promotes healthy living.

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