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Our Story


Andre and Veronique started serving others at a young age.  Since high school, even in middle school, they had a passion for serving people, anyone, they just loved people.  At an early age, they were both deeply committed to making a difference and giving back to society. In 2014 Andre and Veronique met while serving in the community; a friendship developed, which blossomed into a beautiful happy marriage in 2020. Through the years, they identified the greater opportunity of people so with their passion for serving others, and they accepted the challenge to make a difference.  They founded Opportunities for Palm Beach in order to meet the ever-increasing need in their community.  As a social worker and practicing nurse with over 20 years of combined experience, they have served families and children in need throughout Palm Beach County and beyond.  The idea of creating Opportunities of Palm Beach was birth out of a growing passion and need to enrich lives, to focus on the challenges that especially faced members of our community; specifically those unique challenges that Haitian American citizens faced in Palm Beach.  As Haitian natives themselves, living amongst the people, they wanted to create an organization that would promote stronger and greater partnerships with community leaders and organizations alike, to create better opportunities for families.  Opportunities for Palm Beach Organization was designed with the concept of partnering with local organizations. The approach will be: that the people know best how to empower themselves.

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