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One of our biggest goals as an organization is to highlight Haitian American leadership and influence throughout Palm Beach County and beyond.  Haitian people are resilient, hardworking and dedicated.  Our many contributions to community will not be overlooked, our goal is to showcase Haitian art and culture among other things we do to make Palm beach county even greater.  The Michel Massena Foundation was created to honor the Legacy of Michel Massena's  lifelong work building Haitian communities and his love for people.  Like many Haitians who migrated to America, He came to America with 9 children whom he raised with his wife to be productive citizens who are working as professionals serving their communities.  Mr Massena simply empowered others. His many contributions are what defines his legacy as a husband, father and leader who was exceptional at giving to community.  Our Foundations grant are to honor his legacy and will provide small contributions with special preference to young boys and girls in the Haitian community who are exceptional students and citizens, who have contributed to empowering their neighborhood in various ways.  We want to partner with you to make our goal a reality.  Our ambition is to keep inspiring our young man and young women to do greater things, change their community for the better.  The foundation currently awards small grants of $150.00, $350.00 or $500.00 to youth who are chosen from our pool of applicants.  Let’s work together to keep building Palm Beach County for all Haitian Americans. Please call or email us for more information.

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